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forthegraywardens replied to your post: “Erarta mik tid par os betTros, …

Is it bad that I’m starting to actually recognize this language?

Erarta mik tid par os bet
Tros, ver fulgarta vanksilet
Da tindt lein; zeik ki los’ authar
Eth vathvet zeik losa, er dar

Nuk eg ki keinmathir, enklaar math’ med hjor
Eg ki laza med galgerthen, enklaar math’ med bor
Eg alda drenskald, sas ki langur sov
Sva vidth mina hjor, zeik gypta sas lov

Unna vleren vitan, sas lov er dar
Zeik afsoka, gorat sas skyndaar
Zeik vae’ er rona par zeik teler hata
Lein verdat alfulga naer da ittat min’ lafa

Sem ik skyf, da higt zeik gorig
Zeik ge synarta retha, ki yf da, eth rimig
Ath her kensk da hyletht zeik lovig
Ert fjalfa par sasul, ath zeik erarta furvig

Sva for’ zeik par uttreken; er gutari zeik meg’ ger
Zeik ki gorarta lov par mik tid, nem par min’ merr
Vernsem, zeik atla’ tel’, e sos eruvan
Zeik thraet fliri fan hjalper dripar dovahn

Unna vleren vitan, sas lov er dar
Zeik afsoka, gorat sas skyndaar
Zeik vae’ er rona par zeik teler hata
Lein verdat alfulga naer da ittat min’ lafa

Zeik vae’ er rona
Zeik vae’ er rona par zeik teler hata
Mina lafa verdat alfulga… naer da ittat… sas lein
»A Norren love song

makerhavemercy replied to your post: “Miktid lithata sithin ha antlet …

I think I know what this is! If I’m remembering correctly and it’s super likely that I’m not.

It may be something akin to what you’re thinking of, but I just conceived of this particular one in the last 2 days (lots of time to think!)

I keep flipflopping on which ballad to use for this particular scene but I’m pretty damn sure it’ll be this one….

Miktid lithata sithin ha antlet zeik higat
Mina augen erarta leitig eth ha’r fala nol vleren
Fyra mal zeik telet ti ha, reh telet ek ti zeik
Ef zeik deja for reh finatur skeyra sos orthen ik min’ sten

Zeik erarta leitig par miktid
Hvol zeik fararta gorth er nuk svol
Reh vodat e vulnat van vitan
Zeik los’ aethra reh’r feig’

Tae om ur lafa
Ki er an goratur
Zeik skul leita hvertid enklaar reh finar
Min’ elska

Tae om ur lafa
Gypta zeik vae
Losk zeik skul fel’
Til her reh er
Med zeik
Tae om ur lafa

Norren ballad

No, I will not translate it for you. It’s supposed to be a teaser. In fact, it’s so much of a teaser it won’t be seen until Book 3…

And just to prove to you that I am still working (slowly) on Hero…

“Why aren’t they coming!?” she groaned, and then growled before turning back to me. “Deborah, say something so that I know you can hear me. Please!”

I stared into the woman’s widened blue eyes. Her pupils were noticeably constricted. Moving my gaze lower, I watched as her nostrils flared. Lower yet, her naturally dark pink lips, sometimes painted dark red-brown when she was feeling fancy, were quivering. Something had happened.

So I wrote a stupid little “Outlander” AU one-shot…



3,567 words. Rating: M. Claire/Dougal. AU.

Dougal had been watching her from the shadows. Most of the candles had been doused, but the moonlight that bled through the windows illuminated her skin in such a way that made her glow like a specter. Claire was not a spy, but rather some unearthly goddess or forest creature sent to madden men by her beauty, to punish louts like him for the sins of their past.



AN: Apparently the “Outlander” author doesn’t like fanfiction writers. She can suck my teet. 

Honestly I think I wanted to write this because I can’t NOT see Graham McTavish as Stenvar now. And it’s only natural that I see my OC Deborah as Claire, except, you know, not as helpless? I dunno… But the pairing needed to happen in fanfic so here it is.

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Is that cloud in the shape of a chicken?…. It totally is…. That cloud looks like a chicken…. A big, fat chicken…. With potatoes on the side.

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